As much as I love traveling, packing had never been my favorite thing to do.  Even if I have a packing list I’ve referred to since my first solo trip, I could never be done in a few minutes. I would procrastinate and finally end up sleepless the night before my trip. It’s really bad if it’s a scuba trip with early dives scheduled the next day.

The thing is I’m not a very organized person and I struggle to carry minimal items. I used to just pile everything on top of each other when I pack. So needless to say, it was chaos every time I needed to take something out. I was very enlightened a few years ago when a travel mate taught me to organize my stuff using plastic bags. Shirts in one bag, bottoms in another, and so on. Wow, that was definitely a light bulb moment for me.

Packing had become easier since but surely plastic bag has its limitation, specially if one has bad memory and can’t remember which color plastic holds which item. That’s why I didn’t waste time when I first learned of mesh type packing cubes revolutionized by Eagle Creek. It remains one of my best travel companion keeping everything in order and even packing has become easier. So even if I procrastinate and start late, I can do it faster.

How about you? I know there are those people who love packing and do it way ahead of time. Please share your tried and tested solution and have a chance to win one Eagle Creek Organized Traveler Cube Set still courtesy of our favorite store R.O.X. Philippines.

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Eagle Creek Organized Traveler Cube Set:

  1. Pack-It™ Cube
  2. Pack-It™ Half-Cube
  3. Pack-It™ Quarter-Cube



Wanderlass Adventure Partners Contest Series, Part 2 is open to ALL CITIZEN OF THE WORLD (terms & conditions apply, please read The Fine Print* below).  This is part of a 3 contest series, each of which will run for one week. The mechanics and prizes will be different every time and I can promise you that it gets better every week.

Part 2 – The Packing Solution

Contest Period: March 10 – 16, 2011


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