Catarina and I arranged to meet and travel together today. When I woke up and got ready to meet her at Plaza Real, I can’t find my new camera! I looked inside my day bag and my small luggage and it’s not there! I got so depressed as I had few days of pictures in it. I used to download photos everyday but because I got new 2Giga memory, I didn’t! I was so depressed I couldn’t get my ass to move. I was contemplating on whether I should go back to the Gaudi places since I love it so much. It was the worst 30 minutes of my life!

I don’t know how, but there it was, under the mattress! I found it when I finally decided to move on and fix my bed. When I came in at 7 am, I was so sleepy that I didn’t even bother to take off my jeans and jacket. I don’t remember, maybe I didn’t close my day bag and camera fell off when I placed it on the floor. I don’t really care though. I’m so happy.

So finally I got to where we are supposed to meet. I feel so bad Catarina was starving while waiting for me. But she was also very happy for me that I found my camera. Then we went to the MNAC (Museo Nacional d’Art de Catalunya) and spend maybe an hour or so exploring.

Then we decided we wanted to see the playa (beach). We were carrying a local map but somehow we couldn’t get to the beach. We want to take the cable car but it is close on the Saturday, I think, or maybe we are too late (5pm). We ended up doing a lot of walking, which by now, I’m quite use to already and finally we found the playa.

We walked around the beach and heard some festivities in the street and joined in. Then finally we chose a restaurant by the beach and ate paella and drink margarita. Being from the Philippines where beach equates to sunny hot weather, my mind cannot ! And it was so warm this morning that first time since arriving Europe, I was wearing sleeveless shirt. But it was a good day. Catarina and I talked and became like old friends. We said goodbye by 10pm and hope that one day we will cross path again.

I went back to Jaume’s and decided I will go to the airport and wait for my flight to Madrid. I don’t want to miss my flight by oversleeping or getting lost or be late since Jaume’s place is very far. I went to Plaza de Catalunya to catch the metro but alas, it’s closed. I walked a long, long way and nobody could teach me if there’s another way to the airport. I got so fed up lugging my bag around, I ended up taking a cab.

I’m ready for my next destination. So far Europe has been great especially this is summer and everywhere is sunny and lively. Here are some of the best places to visit in Europe during summer.