So happy to get this package from the mail today!

You got mail Backpack Flags


At the beginning of my round the world trip, a friend gave me a backpack flag of Israel. Since it was the first country, it seemed like a cool idea to fill my bag with flags as I go along. But it turned out backpack flags isn’t as popular as fridge magnets, postcards, t’shirts or mugs as travel souvenirs. In fact, I forgot all about this plan of collecting flags. I don’t think I encountered them at all in Europe. I do have fridge magnets of and sent out postcards in almost every city.

travel souvenirs magnet postcards

I saw one again when I get New York. I thought of getting it but wondered about the 15 countries I was in and not have the flags of. It seemed like a pointless pursuit. But I continue to encounter backpack flags in South America, even European and Asian flags in La Paz.  And  when I saw this super nice united South America flags in the shape of its map, I couldn’t resist. I’m back to collecting. So for those countries I missed, I was confident I could find some Chinese factory that sells all the flags in the world.

south america map flags


Of course it wasn’t one of the first thing I took care of when I came back 3 months ago. I had work and social life to get back into after all. It came to me only when I came across the united South American flag map organizing my stuff. I haven’t fully unpacked yet, hehe. I went online and searched backpack flags. Guess what I found?

This website is a dream come true. That’s it, if your dream involves collecting the flags of all the countries in the world and more. “And more?” you asked. Well, they have dive flag, Galapagos, Bali, Tibet, Hawaii, Buddhism, Islam, Rainbow, Red Cross etc. I almost got carried away but got hold of myself. I limited myself to getting just countries I’ve been to.

The site is easy to navigate, sectioned per continent. Go ahead and check it out. Complete your missing flags!


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