Because I travel a lot, I’m happy to infect my mum with the travel bug. So this Boracay trip is not mine, it’s my parents’. :)


my parent’s boracay trip

It’s a shame though that their first visit is during the rainy August, when the whole beach was hidden behind tarpaulin wind breakers. Also recent incidents prompted Caticlan airport to be closed to bigger aircrafts, thus forcing us to land in Kalibo. And it was a bit of an agony having to switch 2-3 modes of transport before arriving! We had to travel 1.5 hours by land to Caticlan, even if it’s comfortable bus with sleek driver. As of the moment, only Sea Air flies to Caticlan, but airfare is way more expensive (and it’s a long story why we had to take Cebu Pacific).

We began our journey at 9am cruising Manila traffic to NAIA 3 and finally end up at Willy’s Resort by 4pm. It was indeed a whole day affair! My parents were tired and hungry when we got there.

Fortunately though, Boracay is worth the TRIP!

as always..

This is my first ever video editing attempt. I’m liking it and hope to make more in the future.