Have a Magical Day!

This is how they greet you here in Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and Resort. You might smirk at first, but the truth is, it is kind of magical around here. All the little details inside and outside the hotel; the castle like building, the maze, hidden mickeys, will definitely draw smiles from the grumpiest person. As for myself, I was a kid inside Disneyland.


Hong Kong Disneyland Hotels

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort has 2 hotels inside: (1) Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and the (2) Disney’s Hollywood Hotel.  The Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is the more popular one because it looks more fairytale like with its Victorian architecture. It is so popular that it is fully booked 6 months in advance. But both hotels have full amenities and excellent customer service.

I stayed at the Disney’s Hollywood Hotel which is really not shabby at all. Check out my room!

Disney Hollywood Hotel Hong Kong

Disney Hollywood Hotel Hong Kong


Hong Kong Disneyland Restaurants

I just have to talk about food in Hong Kong Disneyland. Food is a major part of my travels because it is part of the culture immersion. I would always indulge in both street food and fine dinings just to have the complete experience. So anyway, I’ve been to Hong Kong a million times and what do I expect to have in Disneyland?

Crystal Lotus Chinese Restaurant

The minute I arrived Hong Kong Disneyland and met with Nicole, we were hauled to Crystal Lotus restaurant which looks super fancy with the beautiful lotus chandelier, and actually is an award winning Chinese restaurant… with a Disney twist!

And what for me truly deserves a mention is the Braised de-boned short ribs in Spicy Sichuan sauce! I have had my fair share of great beef and ribs, super expensive Wagyu and Angus steaks in my life… but this one… is something you want to order for your last meal ever. I am still dreaming about it. Whoever invented the combination of flavor is truly a culinary genius! If only we were not in a hurry, I would have wanted to shake the man’s (or woman’s) hand.

Braised de-boned short ribs in spicy Sze-Chuan sauce

Braised de-boned short ribs in spicy Sze-Chuan sauce

what does a blogger do?

this is me instagraming my meal



To complete a magical day, dinner at Walt’s Cafe is in order. The maître d’hôtel was super nice despite that we were an hour late for our reservation. We were presented with a meal of true indulgence. I have to mention the Cobb salad with caesar dressing was to die for. I didn’t think I would still be able to eat after that stuffing high tea.  After the huge Sirloin steak, I just didn’t have any more room for the white cheese cake even if it was very good. A sorbet or something light would have been a perfect dessert.

Walt's Cafe Sunset DinnerWalt's Cafe Sunset Dinner

Walt’s Cafe Sunset Dinner


Enchanted Garden Restaurant

This is where you have your dream Disney breakfast at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. Beside enjoying the elegant decor of the Enchanted Garden Restaurant, you have the most fabulous international buffet, as far as your eyes can see. And most of all, you have some of the Disney characters as your hosts!

Disney Breakfast

Disney Breakfast


Chef Mickey at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel is like the little brother of the Enchanted Garden. You still get great choices at the international buffet. And you get to meet Chef Mickey himself.

at Chef Mickey with Chef Mickey

@ Chef Mickey with Chef Mickey


Studio Lounge

Cocktails in Disneyland! Who would have thought right??

Cocktail in Disneyland

Cocktail in Disneyland

You may not see it immediately. Or you may actually walked by it without recognizing it.  For you see, while it looks every bit like a bar with swanky art deco interior, you get fooled by the number family with children lounging in there! haha.

But yeah, there is a full-service bar at the ground floor of Disney’s Hollywood Hotel where I was staying. I believe the bartender actually lit up when we ordered a couple of martinis. I wonder how long he hadn’t concoct one. :)


Corner Café in Main Street

For the whole month of October, Disneyland celebrates Halloween! So jump into the spirit of Halloween by taking the Halloween themed High Tea at the Corner Cafe. I can’t get over how wonderful these are!!!

Corner Cafe High Tea

Corner Cafe High Tea

Top off with monster shake!

Top off with monster shake!


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