Paris Museum Pass et Musee de LouvreToday is my last day in Paris and as planned I’m visiting the Louvre. It’s a HUGE museum so I decided to start early. I’ve passed by it the week before so I’ve pretty much already admired the pyramid and the Jardin des Tuileries. I have a strategy. First, I de-stressed by reminding myself that it’s impossible to see everything even if I spent the whole day here! Or according to my book, a whole life time will not be enough.

With an imaginary drum roll, I held my breath and strode into the glass pyramid. It’s grand like that, for me at least. I took a moment to admire the glass pyramid from the inside and took in the grandiose sight of the lobby. I got one of the English map and studied it. I feel a little bit like one of Danny Ocean’s team. I decided that I will only see the star attractions, which are efficiently outlined in the map they’re handing out for free at the concierge. I began my expedition at Denon hall. I was excited to see Mona Lisa.

Paris Museum Pass et Musee de LouvreParis Museum Pass et Musee de LouvreMona’s a bit of a dissappointment. It was small and doesn’t have the expected powerful effect when faced with such a famous art piece. It had about a zillion museum guards guarding it and is encased behind a glass. And one couldn’t go within 5 feet near it. They also didn’t allow picture taking inside the whole area of Italian paintings. But I spent a few minutes admiring it anyway. Then I proceeded to see the rest of the famous art like: ‘Venus’ de Milo, La Tour’s ‘Card Sharper’, ‘Self Portrait’ of Durer, the tiny Vermeer’s ‘Lacemaker’, etc. Believe me that with my strategy, in a little over 3 hours, I was able to circulate the whole museum — all 4 levels, all sections: Denon, Richelieu, & Sully, passed by every room! And that included getting lost while finding my way out. He he. I didn’t see everything of course, but I did stopped for a nice lunch at the Richelieu terrasse (with wine) overseeing the quadrangle and pyramids.

Paris Museum Pass et Musee de LouvreAfter that, I decided nothing could top the Louvre experience and that I had enough museums! I walked back to the direction of l’Opera, where we were staying. Did I mention that I’ve become such a good walker since arriving here?! I walked to the Louvre, all over Louvre, and back to my hotel. Ok, the truth is I’ve been holding back on shopping but after so many days, I’m quite sick of all the clothes I had with me! You see, due to the desire to travel light, I packed very little clothes. So I did a little detour to Lafayette and shop, which is very theraputic, I must say, ha ha. I’m a little glad that I had this day to myself. It’s not a bad way to spend my last day in Paris. He he.Paris Museum Pass et Musee de LouvreAt around 6pm, I met up with RB (who came back from a meeting) to go back to Holland. And just like that, unceremoniously we drove out of Paris.