It’s the biggest flower garden in the world. I was super excited and so looking forward to see fields and fields of colorful tulips! It says in the guide book that between April~May is the perfect time to see the garden in full bloom. When we get to the park (it’s actually kind of a theme park), I was stretching my neck to find the tulips,but all I see was sea of green! Where are the tulips?! It was actually a big place, so we thought, maybe farther back?? We’ve circulated the whole park and found only sprinkle of flowers, not even tulips! That was not so impressive?!? I was in Benguet 3 years ago and it was so much more beautiful!

Later we came to an observatory hall and there we found all the flowers showcased. Apparently, the poor weather in Europe (despite still being in spring) affected the flowers that they had to be harvested earlier than normal. Sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was super disappointed, close to depression really! I had come all the way to visit Netherlands and was not able to see the glorious garden. The exhibit was beautiful but I’m so sure it’s nothing(!) compared to experiencing the garden in full bloom and technicolor. I’ve seen some photos and was very saddened that I missed it.

Holland tulip

Holland Tulip Field