It’s funny for me to hear someone tell me that my trip is organized. Josh even went overboard saying I did tremendous pre-trip planning. Because the truth is, my trip is anything BUT organized.

If you only knew that Raz had to drive me to a bookstore in Tel-Aviv so we could look at Lonely Planet guide and see what are my options in Jerusalem. Or how Kuba was scandalized when he learned that I didn’t have a guidebook traveling solo in Jordan. Or that it was Kevin who mapped out my little excursion out of London.

“What are you interested in?”


“Nature? Culture? History?”



“How about you make one as if you’re the one going, Kevin. And let me use it for this trip!”

Edinburgh Royal Mile

Edinburgh Royal Mile

Kevin suggested I should take a train to Edinburgh and work my way back to London. I couldn’t agree more and mainly because I don’t know better, haha.  So within minutes I booked a train for Edinburgh.

The ticket costs £50, which is double the price of if I booked one week before. I think I have a disability in early planning. My brain cannot register anything farther than 2 weeks. It’s not that I don’t want to, I tried, but it’s beginning to seem like I’m not capable of it at all. So it’s such a blessing that I am always meeting angels in my trip. It’s why some of you may think that my trip is well organized.

Wait let me get back to that thing about Lonely Planet. Maybe it caught your attention that I might be stealing Lonely Planet information. Well, that may seem like so, but I actually own a copy of the Middle East Lonely Planet at home. Since I already paid for the content, I believe I was not stealing reading from a bookstore. I didn’t bring it because then I would have to carry one of Europe and South America and Africa, which I also have at home.

Anyway, here is the google map of my trip out of London. It’s not exactly as plotted by Kevin because I changed plan along the way. This is what I love about my kind of travel. It may be a bit more expensive, but I have plenty of flexibility and options. It’s a buffet!

UK excursion