I’ve been staring at my computer the past few days trying to come up with an itinerary. And last night, with a sudden surge of inspiration, I did it! Though it’s still pretty tentative, it’s showing a lot of promise. ;) I have 12 cities in 4 countries in 41 days. I know, pretty ambitious. But I promise not to be too caught up in my schedule that I will miss the beautiful sights. As always, I’d let the moment decide. That means, I shouldn’t book local flights just yet, hmmm..

I’ve also booked and confirmed my flight. I’m taking Cathay Pacific to Paris, CDG. It’s a good deal in mid-price-range and a lot of flexibility, like I can rebook my return flight for free if I should decide to extend, shhh..

Anyway, my friend Prechie who just got back January took the same airline and she said they’re easy with overweight baggage. Not that I’ll be doing any shopping, you know. I’ll be lugging them to 12 cities, can you imagine? Cathay also have a free stop over in Hkg on my way back, maybe I do my shopping there, hehe.

I’ve taken care of the hébergement, some c/o couch surfing. I also got my travel insurance — from Philam Life: 2.5M for 45 days costs approx 4500 PHP. I’ll introduce you to a nice agent if you need one (from Philippines). I’m all so geared up for my visa interview. I’ll get an appointment next week.

Oh wow, it’s really gonna happen. I have to tell my mum about it already before she noticed I’ve stopped coming to work.