Infinity and Beyond

the picture taken from their facebook profile photo


 To Infinity and Beyond

This is an adventure that has been long time in the making for me. While on my round the world trip in 2011, with no fixed itinerary, I contemplated on going home with a boat. Though the plan didn’t pan out, I learned about the website Find-a-crew, a portal that connects boats with crews.

One year after I came home from my epic travel, I was in search for a new adventure. I thought crewing on a boat would be something new, so I went to the site to find a boat. I came across many boat profiles but Infinity Expedition boat stood out because it has a community feel to it.

Infinity Expedition Boat

The captain and his family, children included, actually live on the boat full time. Infinity Expedition boat has been circumnavigating the Pacific for about 10 years now visiting obscure places. They would take in individuals seeking sea adventure along the way as crew for shared cost. The boat is like a traveling hostel hosting an ever changing international crew. As it is also a dive center with instructors and dive masters on board, you can actually get certified while on it. Diving, free diving, surfing, and encounters with the locals at each destinations, I knew that I’m going to be on this boat.

They came to the Philippines in 2013, but I was not able to join them to sail to Palau, would’ve been great. I’ve since been following their travels online though, looking for the opportunity to join the crew.

Tonga and Fiji

The truth is, I’ve never thought much about visiting the Pacific Islands, not because of the lack of interest, but because I know it’s not easy and can be expensive. I’ve thought of swimming with the humpback whales in Tonga, but I’ve so many destinations on my bucket list.

But when Infinity Expedition Boat posted their itinerary this year that included Tonga during the season of humpback whales, I decided I’m going to be on it. And so began the long process of Tongan Visa application and flight search.

And after over 30 hours of flights and layovers, I am here. And I’m embarking on the boat tonight. :)


I see you infinity expedition boat

I saw Infinity at Nuku’alofa Ferry Wharf