scuba dive dumaguete apo islandWhen one of our scuba friends invited me to this trip, I didn’t hesitate even if I was just here 18 months ago. Mainly because I was a new and nervous diver and that we were not taken to the best dive sites Apo Island has to offer. Anyway, it was an awesome and memorable trip nonetheless. Now let’s focus here.

I was very thrilled because it will be my first “hardcore” dive trip! Normally I will have a day trip to Anilao with 2 or 3 dives. Best will be an overnight dive trip to Puerto Galera with 5 dives. This “hardcore” trip consists of 3 day dives with 3 dives per day. Nine (9) dives! It was also great because I will be diving with some of my good friends. Plus I’ll be meeting up again with the Cebu gang I met during the Sinulog Festival earlier this year.

The weather was threatening the whole week. It was raining constantly in Manila. I’ve got news that it’s bleak and sad in Boracay. And my Cebu contact says it’s raining there as well. It must be the combined mind powers of 13 divers and 9 snorklers because when we arrived, 8 in the morning, the sun was shining like it never heard of rain.