Pub Crawl, as you may have guessed, is the act of hopping to multiple pubs in one night getting drinks in each one. Crawling is what happens after a few pubs. It’s usually done by a group of people although who’s to stop you if you want to do it by yourself?

Pub Crawl is a concept of social gatherings in many European cities. It is popular among expat communities and also tourists. The main objectives are for meeting new friends and be introduced to bars in the city.

I joined my first pub crawl in Edinburgh. Seemed like a good place to start for there are more pubs per square inch of the city than anywhere in the world, claimed my guide. I love to drink but I never hit a bar or pub on my own. So joining an organized pub crawl is a good solution for solo traveler who just got to town and needed a drink immediately! It was a fun experience but I didn’t have the chance to do it again. Somehow it was easy to find people to drink with later in my travel. Until…


Pub Crawl comes to Manila

During the Travel Massive in Manila event, I met entrepreneur Oliver who invited me to join the soft launching of his new gig–Manila Pub Crawl.

Pub Crawl in Manila? To be candidly honest, I was dubious about the success of a pub crawl in the Philippines. Yes, me with little faith, me. Sorry. I was thinking we are so friendly here that any expat or tourist could easily find drinking buddies at any street corner. Then I saw the 20,000+ fans of Boracay Pub Crawl facebook page and that most of the people joining are Filipinos.

Of course, Filipinos are “mahilig makiuso” — fashion victim if I may. Anything new in the Philippines has a potential of spreading like wildfire. It’s a good thing. It means we’re open minded and adventurous.

So one Saturday I arrived in Dillingers for the soft launching of Manila Pub Crawl. And what a small world that 2 of my good friends in Manila, Vangie and DJ Yabis are friends with Oliver too.

So as not to spoil the surprise, I’m not going to tell you the sequence of events. Suffice to say that it was a night filled with fun and surprises and not to mention plenty of drinking. You get your money’s worth for sure.

Here is what’s included with the fee ($24)

+ FREE Rides in a Party Jeepney (Airconditioned)
+ FREE Pick-up near your place within Makati
+ FREE Entrance to 5 Bars/Clubs
+ 10 FREE Shots/Shooters
+ 2 FREE Drinks to get you started
+ Exclusive P50 Drink Specials in each Bar/Club
+ FREE Manila PubCrawl Polo Shirt
+ FREE Shot Glass
+ Fun Get-To-Know Games in the Jeepney
+ Manila PubCrawl Membership!*

So hop on the next party jeepney. It’s every Saturday at 7:30pm

Manila Pub Crawl Website
Manila Pub Crawl Facebook Page