Diving season is definitely on! Not that cold water ever stopped us. Ok, ok, I’m sure you in Europe and North America are raising your eyebrows and muttering “cold water?” Well, 24ºC is kind of cold for us, but of course you are missing point. This is an invitation to ALL Diver-Photographers of the World to pack your gears and head over to the Philippines beginning April, 2011.

Two (2) exciting underwater shootouts competition were announced during the last NUDI Night. NUDI, if I may, stands for Network of Underwater Digital Imagers. We’re a group of avid diver-photographers who gather once a month to eat, drink, and compete in a friendly themed underwater photo competition.  It’s also a great venue to learn from each other, in my case, learning from the more experienced.  Incidentally, after 5 months of participating in NUDI Nights, I finally won something, 3rd place for the compact camera category, yay!  This photo is a by-product of the recent NUDI Photo Dive Workshop.

Crocodile Fish

Juvenile Crocodile Fish



I. MAD about US, special edition

MAD about US – Marine Awareness through Digital Underwater Shootouts is a popular photo diving event in the Philippines. The main objective of this annual event is to promote awareness, understanding, and appreciation of marine diversity in the Philippines. It also aims to promote the Philippines as a world class destination for underwater photography by (1) training more excellent dive guides and (2) make recommendations to dive resorts on how to be more sensitive to the needs of underwater photographers. Because, to put it bluntly, there is business to be made from addict underwater photographers. And we’re happy that DOT is finally give their time of the day.

MAD about US, special edition is part of the Philippine Dive Seafari 2011, a diving extravaganza organized by the Department of Tourism to initially promote 4 of the Philippine’s top dive destinations.



  • Competition is open to all certified scuba divers of any internationally recognized scuba certifying agency.


  • Macro Photography — this is in line with promoting the Philippines as the Macro Photography Capital of the World, where the small things here make a BIG difference.


Competition Dates

  • Registration – April 29, 2011
  • Download of Photos- April 30, 2011


Competition Venues, Registration & Photo download Offic:

  • Anilao, Batangas: Municipal Tourism Office of Mabini (Junction leading to Municipal Hall and Anilao).
  • Coron, Palawan: Coron Galeri Arts & Crafts (#11 San Agustin St. Barangay Poblacion 3 Coron Palawan)
  • Panglao & Balicasag, Bohol: To be announced
  • Davao: To be announced


Classes based on Skill Levels

  • Beginner: compact camera users with no external strobes.
  • Intermediate: compact camera users with external strobes and taking uw photos for more than 2 years.
  • Open: unrestricted category for all photographers, professional or amateur, who have or haven’t published any photos.


Follow link for Complete Rules and Regulation

MAD About US Seafari Poster


II. 1st Annual SNUPS

SPLASH-NUDI Underwater Photo Shootout (SNUPS), on its first year, will be an annual underwater photo competition organized by Splash Underwater Imaging (the suking tindahan of every underwater photographer in Manila, possibly the whole Philippines) in collaboration with NUDI.  I just know that it’s going to be the most sought after photo dive competition from now on, because of the “just look at the sponsors” bedazzling prizes worth USD15,000.


Competition Venue & Dates

  • Anilao – May 20-24
  • Dauin – May 27-31
  • Cebu – June 3-7, 2011


Competition Classes

  1. Open Class – this will be comprised of participants with a Digital SLR or Panasonic Micro Four Thirds cameras or similar equipment such as the Sony NEX series or the Olympus Pen Series.
  2. Compact Class – this will be comprised of participants with Pro-sumer or compact cameras with or without an underwater light or strobe. Digital cameras in this category have non-replaceable lenses attached to the camera.

Registrants may move up to Open Class voluntarily. Note, however, that a participant who submits an entry in Open Class cannot downgrade to the Compact Class the following year.


Competition Categories

  1. Macro/Close-Up – Photos taken of subjects with a macro lens (narrower than 35mm) or close-up lens. Minimal cropping is allowed up to 10% of the original photo.
  2. Marine Animal Behavior – Photos taken of unique marine life behavior underwater portrayed in macro, wide angle or Close Focus Wide Angle (CFWA).
  3. Marine Animal Portrait – a portrait shot of a marine animal underwater. A portrait shot should focus on one (1) subject only.
  4. Wide Angle – Wide angle shots taken with at least a normal lens (35mm) or wider angle lens. This may include over-under shots.
  5. Splash Photographer of the Year – this is a portfolio competition where all four (4) categories (1,2,3,4) from above must be submitted. One (1) missing category will disqualify the portfolio entry. The participant may submit multiple portfolio entries.


Follow the link for registration and complete rules and regulations.

SNUPS Poster


So great to be a scuba diver and live in the Philippines! When this was announced, seriously, for a fleeting half second, I considered postponing my RTW trip to take part in it! Logic being the competition will get more stiff as the competition get more popular worldwide. But oh well, I know this will be my saving grace from post-travel depression when I come back.