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The most splendid thing about my group of friends is how mobile we all are. We can be talking about a restaurant in Pampanga on Tuesday and Saturday, we’re on the road. And so when Ford Philippines generously offered to lend us their Ford Escape for a weekend escapade, we couldn’t say yes faster.

Now if there is one activity that bound us together, that would be scuba diving. So with a week before Tubbataha 2.0 (click to read about Tubbataha 1.0), we agreed on a weekend dive trip to test the Ford Escape, our dive gears and new toys! Mine being a new Fisheye Fix LED 1000 to support my existing Canon G9.

It was decided we leave on the evening of Saturday, so we can take the Ford Escape for a spin in the city before heading to Anilao and spend the night. This way we can relax and enjoy the ride.

Below photo shows me bullying my way to take the first crack at the wheel! This was taken when we picked up the car from Ford in Global City. The sleek blue lights at the odometer caught my attention, a painful reminder of our Honda Civic devastated by Ondoy. The car also smelled of new leather, which is always very welcoming. The ESCAPE is a perfect size car for our group (5 girls). It fits all our huge dive gear bags and overnight packs. :)

I drove the first leg of our journey, from Quezon City (specifically my house) to Paseo in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. I used to work and lived in here (Sta. Rosa, Laguna) for a year, and the development is truly amazing! It has grown 10 folds. Can hardly recognize it really. But for nostalgia’s sake, I requested that we have our dinner at Umenoya, a restaurant I used to frequent.

wanderlass travels

wanderlass travels

We arrived Anilao around midnight and we decided to sleep early as we have some early dives to do! It was truly a fun weekend because many of our Tubbata buddies joined us. ;)

Check out our electric dive.

*bitaw – means to let go

and the following are the product of my new toy!


Black Margined Glossodoris

albino scorpion fish

white scorpion fish

colorful nudibranch

nudi branch

stone fish

stone fish

this is me!
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