The Dead Sea is one of the world’s most curious phenomenon. Located 420 meters below sea level, it’s the lowest dry land on Earth. The salinity level, at 30% is 8.6 times saltier than the ocean. This salty lake is bordered between Israel and Jordan.

Naturally, it’s on my list of  place to visit while I’m in Israel or Jordan as I’m visiting both countries. Since my friend in Jerusalem offered to take me, I went to Dead Sea in Israel.  Masada and Ein Gedi are the two most suggested places to go to the Dead Sea in Israel when I was planning, but they’re both really far from Jerusalem. We decided to just do Dead Sea day trip from Jerusalem. Kalia Beach is about hour and a half drive from Jerusalem and it was just fine.

Sea Level Dead Sea

On the drive down the dead sea, I encountered this sign and got dow for photo op

300 below Sea Level Dead Sea

300 below Sea Level Dead Sea

The Lowest Bar in the World

How low will you go to get a drink?

The Dead Sea Experience

Due to the high salinity of the Dead Sea, it makes anyone float effortlessly. I tried to sink (of course) but it just flips you over!  So how salty is it?  Like I told my sisters, it’s saltier than if you put a spoonful of salt in your mouth. I tasted it (of course!). I dabbed a drop on my tongue and it stung. You won’t even associate the sensation with saltiness, more like something cutting your tongue!

Ladies be forewarned (I was), so you’re going the beach and parade in your bikini, so you may naturally decide to shave your legs and various areas, think again. I had a small cut in my fingers and it stung! I can only imagine what it will feel like with million of mini cuts. And I guess, needless to say, do not dip your face into the water.  But for some reason, my friend did, and was crying for a long time.

I didn’t know that there’s a standard touristic photo of reading a book while floating the dead sea, sayang. So I only had this photo.

float the dead sea

float the dead sea


And this. It is believed that the mud in the dead sea has therapeutic benefits. So everyone is busy covering themselves. You dig the mud from the sea floor. It’s actually difficult to come out of the water because of the soft mud. Anyway, you’ll manage. :)

mud bath

dead sea mud spa


I saw some of the photos of Dead Sea with beautiful salt crystal formation. I promised to go back to Jordan so I’ll visit that side of the Dea Sea.  They don’t have it in the side of Israel, but they do have this — land mines. :)


beware of land mines

Treat yourself to a Dead Sea experience – it will make you feel alive!popular quote in the dead sea