If I’m an Israeli, Tel-Aviv would be my city. It’s the city of resplendent women, men, and gays. Picture gorgeous women in shortest shorts and beautiful men with washboard abs. It brings one’s testosterone level several notches up just coming to the border.  Even the dogs here were hyper!  I was told that the plain people have no place in here. They leave eventually because they cannot take on the pressure. Lol.



It’s perpetually weekend in Tel-Aviv. Clubs, pubs, bars and cafes are all over. People hit the streets at 11 p.m. Few cities have such vibrant night life as Manila, my home. It’s a place for shopping, theaters, concerts, restaurants, galleries, and everything modern. But the ancient city of Yafo and the oldest Arab port will remind you that this city existed for 3,000 years. It’s amazing!

Yafo City Tel-Aviv


Arab Port Yafo



And then there’s the beach just 5 steps away. It’s a beach with powder fine sand and crystal water that you can actually swim in! It’s so popular that locals and tourists flock in to it daily. I really don’t mind the touristic ambiance and love the vibe!  If I live here, I’ll have a permanent address in this beach every sunset!

tel-aviv beach

beach tel-aviv

Tel-aviv Beach


I came to the city to meet a dear friend I’ve not seen in a long time. This is his city now so imagine him one of the beautiful people that infected Tel-Aviv. We had brunch at a nice fancy place that reminds me of these little hotels in manchester.

“Wow, I can’t get over Tel-aviv! It’s nothing I expected.” I told him.

“Were you expecting camels and desert?” He asked in amusement.

“For example, yeah.” I wasn’t, of course.

But situated in the conservative Middle East and Jerusalem, a stone throw away, being a religious core, I guess was not expecting it to be so liberal.


Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade 2011

I have finally gotten over my wonder of Tel-aviv and not surprised that one of the biggest Gay Pride Parade is celebrated here. I wasn’t planning on going to see it but my Israeli friend in Montreal asked me to take photos for him. I was happy to oblige and my friend/host suggested we see it too. So we were there.

gay pride parade 2011 tel-aviv

gay pride parade 2011 tel-aviv

Gay Pride Parade 2011 Tel-Aviv

Gay Pride Parade 2011 Tel-Aviv


Ga’ash Beach

We did a day trip at this beach just outside of Tel-aviv. Ga’ash they said is a nudist beach but we stayed at the GP section (I guess) where family gathered. It was not as crowded as the one in Tel-Aviv center but water is a bit harsh. It’s a good place to get away from the crowd but I prefer the beach in the city.

Ga'ash Beach

Ga'ash Beach

Ga'ash Beach

Tel-aviv is fashionable, intoxicating, and as one of my friend termed it, sinful. I love it!