If it’s not evident in this blog, I’m a bit of a diveaholic. As I take off for my BIG trip, I’m going to miss diving tremendously and my gears. This post is a tribute to it and also for the purpose of record, lest someone borrowed something and didn’t return it. :)

I’ve acquired all these in the span of 4 years that I’m diving. I bought them after much research but you just can’t get everything right every time. I’m constantly upgrading causing my friends to ridicule me as an “investor”.


(1) Bouyancy Control Device – BCD – I got this because it’s designed for women, lightweight (travel light), and back inflated (for more streamlined diving). But it’s 1 size too big. :( Because I insisted (stupidly) that I’m a medium instead of a small. So it’s not snug and sometimes it pushes me up at the shallow. So I need to carry more weight that normal.

So if Aqua Lung stumbled upon this post, and would kindly let me exchange it for a smaller size, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Seaquest Libra BCD


(2) Regulator – love my light weight mikron.

Aqualung Mikron Regulator


(3) Octopus – Alternate Air Source – after the expensive yet unserviceable Airsource 3 failed me.


Aqualung Octopus ABS


(4) Dive Computer – an upgrade from Suunto from the bad Mosquito I had

Suunto D4 Dive Computer


(5) Force Fins – I’ve been getting the funny looks from some purist divers. I was told to get sensible fins by a tech instructor. And  another veteran diver told me to just build my legs to avoid getting cramps. I’ve been getting cramps on my last 2 dives.


Force Fins


(6) Dive Bag – have been with me for many good dive trips, but it’s a bit on the heavy side so I’m considering getting a lighter one. I saw a Beauchat one that I love.

Aqualung Tropical Dive Bag


(7) Underwater Housing for Camera – got this after my Canon housing got flooded.

ikelite housing


(8) Compact Camera – got this after I flooded by Canon G9.


Canon S95


(9) Video light – i’m selling this before I leave for RTW because I want to get a proper strobe and a much lighter video light, like the SOLA! when I come back next year.

These are just the major items, I have small stuff that I bring to dives that add to the weight I lug when I travel–like wet lenses, masks, filters, pelican case, booties, wetsuits, etc.

I know a lot of you are non divers, and I know a lot of people are thinking about it. And I definitely think you should, especially if you live in a wonderful place like the Philippines.