JPark Island Resort is a 5-star premiere waterpark resort located in Mactan, Cebu. If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering to book this hotel and wonder if it’s worth it. I say you to go for it as it’s one of the best hotels I’ve stayed in. [Book JPark Island Hotel]

If you’re like me (before) who think waterparks are just for children, let me tell you that there are plenty of reasons for adults to stay here. So here you go, with or without children, here are the Top Five Reasons to Stay at JPark Island Resort in Cebu.

1. The Suites

JPark Island Resort has more suites than regular rooms!

We were 4 and stayed in the 2 bedroom Cebu Suite and was totally amazing. It’s luxurious and equipped with amenities expected of a 5 star stay and more. One room has king size bed and the other has twin beds. Each room has bath tub, separate shower & toilet, and more towels than you’ll ever need.

Both bed rooms and the living room, each has flat screen TV with cable (yes 3 in total). It has a big balcony with the view of the resort and the ocean. It has a pantry, microwave, fridge and fully-stocked mini bar. High speed internet in all the rooms.

Aside from the 49 Cebu Suite (2 bedroom), there are 316 Mactan Suite, 1 Executive Suite, 1 Ambassador Suite, and 1 super posh Royal Suite.

The only drawback of staying in one of their suites is that you may not want to get out of the room.

Cebu Suite Living Room and Balcony

Cebu Suite Living Room and Balcony


View from the Balcony

2. The Villas

We did not stay in any of the villa, but were given a quick tour of it. It’s definitely something to consider with its private pool and spacious living area. There are 22 pool villas which are good 2 person, and 2 family pool villas which are good for 4 people. The villas is 80 sq.m in size and big enough to host pool parties for 10 people. You guests should be hotel guests too though.

JPark Island Resort Villa

JPark Island Resort Villa with private pool

3. The Waterpark

Jpark Island Resort’s Waterpark features 5 swimming pools, 3 water slides, and a private beach. The property is so big that you won’t feel confined or get bored even up to a week’s stay. There are also cabanas for rent so you can bring all your things with you and not go back to your room every time. It is a HUGE hotel.

JPark Waterpark Beach

JPark Waterpark Private Beach

4. The Restaurants

JPark Island Resort and Waterpark has 8 restaurants so you don’t get bored eating at the same place as you would in some resort. 3 of the 8 restaurants are fine dining with top chefs from Malaysia, Japan, and Italy. During my 3 days 2 nights stay, I only got to sample some but enough for me to vouch for them.

The Abalone

This is the grand buffet restaurant with a wide array of international cuisine. They have Western, Asian, Japanese sushi and tempting dessert stations. It is big enough to be able accommodate everyone during breakfast. They also serve lunch and dinner, if buffet is want you want to eat all the time

Ching Hai 清海

Ching Hai is a fine dining Chinese restaurant that serves traditional as well as contemporary dishes. They have a top chef from Malaysia to lead in the kitchen. We were treated to a 5-course degustation. While tasting menu is typically a European concept, it was a refreshing way to eat Chinese food. At each course, the chef came over to give us introduction of what we’re about to eat. It’s not just a show, the dishes are excellent!

Dimsum Sampler – these are perfect little bites! so delicate and subtle

Duck & Pao (bun) – their take on the Peking duck. Shredded slow cooked duck w/ hoisin sauce. The bun is so soft it must be what it’s like eating clouds

Ching Hai Interior

If you’re more accustomed to and prefer the abundance of lauriat style dining, Ching Hai also caters to that. They also have Chinese liqueur and wine.


Coral is JPark’s Mediterranean seafood restaurant located on the seaside. We had the degustation by top chef Stroppa Mattia from Italy. Everything that came with this set was amazing; tastes great and cooked just perfectly.

The navajo bread is so good that even I was on a strict no-carbs diet at that time, I didn’t resist! Actually I ate the carbonara pasta too! The only way I could’ve avoided eating them was if I ran away from the table. It’s impossible for me to have it in front of me and not dig into it. It was too beautiful.

There was actually dessert too, but I don’t have a picture. I think I might have run away by then.

Navajo fry bread + Calabria Salami

5. The Sunset by the Sea

The fifth reason to be in JPark is to hang around Havana by the Sea, my favorite area in the resort. It has a big space for you to appreciate ocean view. This is where resort events take place with the big stage and large sitting capacity.

Speaking of the big stage, Jpark in-house talent stage amazing show every night that gets the guests in the mood for party. This actually by itself is a stand alone reason to visit Jpark.

And however loud the party is, the rest of the hotel will not be bothered.

You can also choose to sit here when ordering food from Coral.

Aerial shot of Havana by the Sea

Aerial shot of Havana by the Sea

6. Runner-up Reasons

JPark Island Resort is big enough and has enough attractions for you to spend up to a week in. There are Go Kart, Giant Chess, Mini Gold, and games at J Activity Zone (JAZ). There are also daily activities prepared in the waterpark for children to participate in.

But if you want to get out of the resort for a while,

Mactan Island is one of Cebu’s main dive destination and staying at JPark gives you quick access to nearby dive resorts.

That’s the building of JPark taken from where we take the boat to go diving

10,000 Roses is a new attraction that you may want to check out once.

10000 roses

The curious attraction called 10,000 Roses

Jpark Island Resort & Waterpark, Cebu  [Book JPark Island Hotel]
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Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines
Call +6332.494.5000
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