After 17h flight, 10,000km, 3 in-flight movies, uncomfy coach seat, and months of anticipation, I am here! RB met me at the airport and I got a tad emotional, though recovered quickly… It’s been 2-1/2 years after all. We cruised around the Paris circle and finally arrived at the 13th quartier where my host Mireille lives. This is the Chinatown of Paris and I could easily blend in as they speak in Mandarin, even the little children among themselves. RB said that he is actually more foreigner in this quarter than I am, hehe.

Mireille is the nicest and kindest person. I sometimes get embarrassed by her extreme hospitality. She’s French-Pinay and is very cute and very smart, studying to be a lawyer. We later met with her sister, Marian for dinner and drinks somewhere near the Bastilles. The weather is really nice. They said we were lucky because it had rained a few days ago. It’s a holiday too in France so it’s a bit quiet but later we found that actually they’re all hanging out in Bastille. I actually didn’t get a lot of impression today maybe because I was tired and being in Paris hasn’t sinked in yet.