I know you expect to be reading something of France already. But uh-uh, I’m still here, at my desk in deep perplexity. I just can’t believe it’s April already. I leave end of the month! Yes, I got my visa. Yes, my parents know I’m gonna be gone for a month, although it’s actually 45 days, what is 15 days, really. I’ve been talking about this trip since January and now it’s April and what have I done so far to prepare for it?? I’ve not even finalized my itinerary! Well, I discarded the one I mentioned before. It’s really too ambitious. 12 cities?? Wasn’t I ranting about package tours?

Anyway, so far I know I’ll be in Paris at 7am on the 1st of May. Oh wow, the thought of waking up in Paris. I’m just not gonna think for now that it’ll be after a 12 hours transatlantic flight.

Seriously, I think the sight of Paris will just melt any jet lag. I’m really, really excited about this but at the same time feel like I’m going cardiac. I’ve never done long trip, backpacking type like this before. The longest I’ve been away is for a month in the States but that’s totally different as I had a home base at my friend’s lovely home. She was in between jobs then and had plan my whole stay — up to what time to have coffee stops.

What do I bring with me?? Definitely something I can easily lug around. Easily. Is that even possible?? I need to shop for a luggage. I kinda need some tips on this. Is 1 medium luggage and 1 knapsack type about right? I’ll be taking TGV, slower trains, & budget airlines to approximately 7 cities.