There’s is no better time to visit Europe than during the Summer. Summer is simply the most beautiful time of the year in that part of the world. Most of western Europe boasts warm days and chilly nights during the summer which is, let’s be honest, the best climate! It’s warm enough in the day to go out and have fun, while being cool at night yet without the hindrance of the muggy, humid air ever so present in the tropics.

Tomorrowland Festival

And so for the third time in my life, I’m here in Europe for the summer. But unlike the first 2 times where anything goes, I’m now here for a more specific agenda, summer festival. It will be my first music festival. In this case, packing for summer festival in Europe is little easier than an anything goes trip.


I packed mostly cool, lightweight and comfortable tops and shirts and couple of pairs of shorts. These would be to wear in the daytime when it’s warmer. I also packed comfortable flats for night out, and a pair of walking shoes because holidays in Europe always include a whole lot of walking! I have jeans, a cotton scarf, and light jacket that is rain proof which I wore on the airplane and also for chilly nights in Europe.

Where I used to looked like a backpacker most of the time when doing a long travel, this time decided I want to look better fashion-wise because Europe is quite the fashion capital and that I’m going to be in Paris again. And so in my bag you’ll find a bit more fashionable clothing than my usual zipped off trekking pants and dry-fit shirts.

As for gadget wise, I’ve decided to go light weight on this as well. I opted not to bring my DSLR camera and just travel with light weight imagining toys: I have my iPhone 5, my GoPro, Spin Pod, Ollo Clip, and back up compact camera, Canon S95.

In the blog graphic, get a glimpse of what “packing for summer festival in Europe” for me is. I’m not going to put a detailed numbers like I did in my Round the World packing lists for girls.

Finally, as usual, you’ll find my things neatly packed in cubes and snuggly organized in my Eagle creek rolling bag.