Ninoy Aquino Airport, Manila


I knew I’m required an homebound ticket at the check-in counter. My cousin told me. I believed her so I made a bogus ticket by printing an old one and did some editing. What I did’t know is that they will verify and confirm for real.

Boarding was at 8p for my 8,30p flight to Bangkok, where I’ll catch a connecting flight to Kiev Ukrain to my final destination Tel-aviv.

“So you’re calling Cebu Pacific to confirm my flight?” I anxiously asked the check-in counter lady, who’s still holding on to the boarding pass she issued for me.

“Yes, it’s required of us. The office is at it now.” She replied nicely. Looking at the clock, 7.40p, she said, “It’s okay, I already issued it, so you have time.”

And I was thinking, well I may not have time to buy another ticket if you found out it’s a bogus ticket. I was so scared because the succeeding flights I had were non-rebookable. It saved me $100 and may result in $450 down the drain.

It’s very uncharacteristic of me to be so patient and nice. If they knew me, they’d know I’m guilty for acting like this. Normally if I’m being inconvenienced, the person causing it will hear it from me.

And so we wait. It was not a busy night so there were 3 of them attending my case. They were apologetic for making me wait. The supervisor with a radio then buzzed his boss asking if she could release me without confirming the 5J ticket because they couldn’t get hold of anyone at this hour (7,40pm). The boss must have replied positive so they said they’ll just photocopy my return ticket. I offered to give the ticket to them so that I can leave. She said I’ll need it a the BKK immigration. I said ok and waited for another 2-3 minutes.

Finally the girl came out of photo copy and handed me back my passport, tickets, and boarding pass. I thanked them and about to leave when the super of the radio received some news on the radio. She stopped me,  “wait ma’am, 5J couldn’t find your flight daw.”  I died inside but managed, “what do you mean? I have no flight?”

She was speaking to the radio, relaying the proper spelling of my name and surname. And I looked at the clock, 7,50p, so sure I’m going to miss my flight, if they insist that I have to buy ticket before they allow me out.

If I have intention of not coming back ever, a homebound ticket is not going to make me. It’s a crazy rule.

The static over the radio was bad and finally the girl nodded at me said, “ok na ma’am, they probably have the spelling of your name wrong.” and she let me through.

So just like that, I’m officially released to the world!



Ben Gurion