At 10:00 the group met at Expedition Fleet office in Makati. I’m sure it’s a bit intimidating having over 20 people arrived in flock. Most of us who came directly from the resort were still in our island get-up. ABS-CBN already called them up to get their side of the story. In a sentence, I’d say we created quite a stir on a Monday morning.

I was surprised that Scuba World owner, Mr. John Wee braved facing the group. Suzette gave him a big chunk of our mind, as he tried to explain his side. He claimed our want were not relayed to him until now. It’s really all too late now. Anyway, the refund process was relatively painless and those who wanted to get their money, got them on the spot. And while we swore “never again!” to Scuba World, today we were looking at alternate schedule.

By 11:00 the Coron bound people, which were down to 10, were again on the van racing to the airport. It’s truly like being in the Amazing Race show. One minute we were on a yacht, then on a chase boat, then on a van to Manila, then headed to the airport, then in front airline booking office.

12:00 we were all checked in, finally! I will not even go through the hullabaloo we had with the Cebu Pacific counter staff and a self declared smart one.

scuba diving in coron palawan
the cebu pacific incident

So we were taking our lunch waiting to board at 13:00 when a voice over announced that all flights to Busuanga are cancelled due to bush fire around the airport. HA!!!!! At this point, nobody has any complaint left in us that we just laughed. It’s just so unbelievable that of all the destinations we decided on to salvage our week, we chose Coron, and now it’s on fire. Is the universe telling us something? Is it preventing us from some disaster?

wreck dive in coron palawan
too funny to get angry

The unbreakable spirited group rebooked for the next day’s flight at 8:00. We’re all in Manila but instead of going home, we decided to all bunk at Kat’s place which is nearest to the airport. So technically, we were still traveling. The rest of the day was spent just bumming around Magallanes.

6:00 on March 9, we awoke to the sound of our alarm and head for the airport. So 4 days later, we were still on the way to somewhere lusting to begin our diving holiday.

scuba dive wreck coron palawan
encore une fois

7:30 we got another scare when the voice over announced that all flights to Busuanga are temporarily on hold awaiting weather condition – visibility from the bush fire still not cleared. I decided that if this flight is cancelled, I will go home.

8:00 an announcement that flights are pushing thru drew cheers from the stranded passengers, with ours being the loudest. I’m sure nobody knew that we’ve been waiting for 4 days.

dive coron palawan

dive coron palawan
josh kissing the soil (cement) in gratitude