wanderlass travels

It must be the thrill of a long haul flight. The idea of going to the opposite end of the world. I could never sleep in one of these. I blamed it on in-flight movies. he he.

In 2004, my first trip to the US was monumental for it made me realize it’s not so difficult to travel. I had an expiring US visa and there was an airline promo. I flew within 5 days. The 2nd time I crossed major ocean was in 2007 when I pseudo backpacked in Europe for 6 weeks. I discovered it’s not as expensive to travel as we all imagine. Of course, it was also super awesome trip!

Back to the present, we’ve been 37,000 feet for 12 hours now with 3 hours to go ’til landing. I’m meeting up with Vangie in a bit who’s my travel buddy for trip. We’ll be hanging out in New York, walk and photograph the vibrant city, visit every museums, try all the FOOD everyone is raving about. We’ll celebrate Halloween, I’ve even brought a costume. And finally watch the New York marathon. We’re also going to DC and Montreal. Pretty exciting, huh? Follow me and see how this all pan out.

Lastly, I just want to say that Cathay Pacific has an awesome new plane. I remember feeling cramped in on my flight to Paris, but it’s not a deal breaker. When it comes to flying, I’m tolerant and I’m not claustrophobic. I love budget airlines. I’ll choose 2 destinations in economy than 1 via business class.

This new one is really nice! It has enough leg room, the seats are wide and it’s a new system where when you recline your seat, it doesn’t affect the guy behind you. It has movies and other channels running the whole time, I remember there were off time before. And one of the best thing is it has a power socket! Wow, who needs the mac airline adaptor for 50$? ha! So yeah, 2 thumbs up to Cathay Pacific Airlines.

wanderlass travels